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‘The Manhood Academy for Boys’ is a charitable organisation, committed to offering participants transformational workshops, for young men aged 8 - 12 and age & 13 – 19 years of age.
Set up by 8 brothers in May 2016 our company is 100% focused on helping our teenage boys, make the sometimes, challenging transition from ‘Adolescence into Manhood.’ We are yet to be registered with Companies House, this will be done in March 2017.
‘The Manhood Academy for Boys’ is a unique fusion of a ‘rites of passage’ initiation, mentoring and transformational coaching encompassing:
Various transformative workshops.
A wrap-around mentoring element, ensuring our young leaders receives intensive one-to-one life coaching support from male elders.
A life changing ‘Coming of Age’ rites of passage ceremony.
We want our boys to:
Explore the different ideas about Masculinity and Manhood.
To expose our young leaders to images of Positivity and Responsibility.
To become more empathetic towards community issues, encouraging them to become active and responsible citizens.
Create tangible goals that are in direct relation to their value system, passions and expectations.
To understand their most powerful weapon is at their disposal; and having the ability to communicate effectively, in order to create strong networks.
To better understand themselves and the world around them.
Respect their heritage, their future and their present.
Understand that with confidence and a powerful sense of self, they have won every battle, even before they have started. We want our young leaders to be balanced.
Our Vision
‘Building Leaders of Tomorrow for the World of Today’
Mission Statement
To nurture, through a ‘Rites of Passage’ program, the evolution of our ‘Boys to Men’ through social, emotional, economic and spiritual guidance, under the wings of ‘The Manhood Academy for Boys’.

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